Exploring Innovation and Elegance: Natuzzi Italia Harmony 65 Collection at Design Week


This year’s Natuzzi Italia Design Week is not only a showcase of groundbreaking design and luxurious craftsmanship but also a celebration of significant milestones. As Natuzzi Italia marks its 65th anniversary, the festivities are brilliantly displayed at their flagship store in Milan, which features an extraordinary piece of art. The installation, “Puer Apuliae,” is a stunning 6 x 8 meter oil on wood painting by Gino Donvito, comprised of 88 panels. This artwork depicts King Frederico II of Svevia on a hunt and belongs to the “Crociata Fredericiana” series by Donvito, who has a long history of collaboration with Natuzzi. Through this work, Donvito honors King Frederico II’s contributions to the region’s cultural heritage and reflects on how Pasquale Natuzzi, alongside his dedicated team, has infused similar beauty and harmony into homes globally. The event highlights not just Natuzzi’s dedication to innovation in design but also celebrates the deep cultural roots and artistic expression that influence its collections.

Harmony 65 Collection: A Symphony of Design and Comfort

The Harmony 65 Collection, introduced at Natuzzi Italia Design Week, is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of comfort combined with style. This collection, envisioned by the creative minds of Karim Rashid, Simone Bonanni, and Andrea Steidl, features furniture that embodies fluidity and ergonomics in design. Each piece is a blend of contemporary aesthetics and traditional Italian craftsmanship, designed not only to beautify spaces but also to create environments of unparalleled comfort.

Karim Rashid’s Visionary Influence

Karim Rashid, known for his innovative approach and futuristic designs, brings a unique blend of colors and shapes to the Harmony 65 Collection. His designs challenge conventional forms, offering pieces that are both visually striking and deeply functional. Rashid’s creations for Natuzzi Italia are a dialogue between the object and its surroundings, aiming to create a harmonious living space that resonates with the modern lifestyle.

Simone Bonanni’s Artistic Touch

Simone Bonanni adds a layer of artistic depth to the collection with his intuitive understanding of materials and form. His contributions to the Harmony 65 line are characterized by their subtle sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. Bonanni’s designs reflect his passion for telling stories through objects, making each piece not just a part of the furniture but a part of the homeowner’s personal narrative.

Andrea Steidl’s Practical Elegance

Andrea Steidl’s designs merge practicality with elegance, ensuring that each piece of the Harmony 65 Collection is both usable and beautiful. His work focuses on the ergonomic aspects of furniture, bringing comfort and design together to serve the needs of everyday life without compromising on style. Steidl’s creations are perfect for those who appreciate the practicality in their living spaces.

A New Chapter: Natuzzi Italia’s New Logo

The introduction of a new logo at this year’s Design Week marks a significant milestone in Natuzzi Italia’s brand journey. The redesigned logo represents a more modern, clean aesthetic that aligns with the company’s vision for the future. This change is not just a visual update but a reaffirmation of Natuzzi’s commitment to innovation and design excellence.

Puer Apuliae by Gino Donvito: An Ode to Cultural Roots

Complementing the furniture collection is Gino Donvito’s Puer Apuliae, an installation that pays homage to the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Apulia, the region where Natuzzi was founded. This installation is a narrative of light, shadow, and form, offering visitors a sensory journey through the abstract landscapes of Southern Italy. It beautifully encapsulates the theme of harmony that runs through all of Natuzzi’s designs.

Conclusion: A Convergence of Art and Functionality

Natuzzi Italia’s presentation at Design Week is a compelling showcase of how furniture can transcend its functional role and act as a medium for art and expression. The Harmony 65 Collection, enriched by the visions of Karim Rashid, Simone Bonanni, and Andrea Steidl, alongside the unveiling of a fresh brand identity and Puer Apuliae, highlights Natuzzi’s role as a leader in design innovation. As Natuzzi continues to push the boundaries, it remains a beacon of inspiration in the world of interior design.

Experience the Evolution First Hand:

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the evolution of Natuzzi Italia firsthand. Visit the new Bitalian Showroom, where innovation meets tradition, and experience the artistry and craftsmanship of the Harmony 65 Collection in person. Discover the future of interior design, immerse yourself in a world of refined aesthetics, and let your senses be captivated by the essence of Italian luxury and style.


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