Discover Italian Elegance with BITALIAN's Exclusive Brands

BITALIAN stands as South Africa's premiere gateway to Italian luxury furniture. As the exclusive distributor for renowned brands like Rugiano, Natuzzi Italia, Natuzzi Editions, Ivano Antonello, Kohro fabrics, Richard Ginori tableware, and Novowood decking, we pride ourselves on curating a spectrum of beauty, harmony, and sustainable elegance from Italy's finest craftsmen.

Natuzzi Italia in South Africa

Natuzzi Italia

Championing the pinnacle of Italian furniture craftsmanship, Natuzzi Italia artfully marries innovation with timeless design. Recognised globally as a luxury furniture titan, Natuzzi offers an unparalleled blend of style, comfort, and function. Every furniture piece from Natuzzi is not just a decorative item; it's an embodiment of Italian luxury, elevating everyday living.

Rugiano in South Africa


Experience Italian artistry in its purest form with Rugiano furniture, a brand synonymous with luxury and stellar design. Every creation is a harmonious blend of contemporary and timeless aesthetics, crafted for true connoisseurs of luxury. Rugiano is not just furniture; it's a journey into Italy's heart of luxury and style.

Novowood in South Africa


Blending sustainability with luxury, Novowood stands out in the realm of Italian outdoor furniture design. Manufactured with precision in Italy, Novowood's 100% recyclable wood-plastic composite products are a testament to sustainable luxury. Whether it's sophisticated decking or avant-garde cladding, Novowood intertwines sustainability with Italian finesse.

Natuzzi Editions in South Africa

Natuzzi Editions

Immerse in refined Italian comfort with Natuzzi Editions, the epitome of Italian luxury furniture tailored for contemporary homes. With over 60 years of honed craftsmanship, every piece celebrates a rich legacy of design and comfort, effortlessly transforming spaces into abodes of unparalleled luxury and charm.

Kohro in South Africa


Step into the universe of Kohro, a beacon of Italian luxury furniture textiles. Renowned for its plush fabric wall-coverings and textiles, every stitch resonates with Italian elegance and charm. Adorn your spaces with Kohro, where Italian luxury and design blend to birth supreme sophistication.

Ivano Antonello Italia in South Africa

Antonello Italia 

Indulge in the art of living with IVANO ANTONELLO, a brand that embodies the essence of Italian luxury and interior design. With a heritage rooted in artisanal craftsmanship, IVANO ANTONELLO offers a curated range of tables and furniture for living areas and kitchens. Each piece is designed and produced entirely in Italy, offering a unique blend of style and functionality that elevates your home to a realm of unparalleled sophistication.


Richard Ginori

Dive into a world of elite dining luxury with Richard Ginori, a stalwart of Italian luxury design for over 200 years. Specialising in pristine porcelain tableware, every piece is a symphony of artistry, meticulously designed to elevate dining moments into timeless experiences. Opt for Richard Ginori to bring an Italian touch of luxury to your dining ensemble.