“NOVOWOOD®: Pioneering a Greener Path in Decking, Cladding, and Patio Solutions

The construction landscape is undergoing a transformative green makeover, particularly evident in the decking, cladding, and patio arena. Leading this wave of change with unparalleled vigour is none other than NOVOWOOD®. Known for their unwavering commitment to sustainability and their penchant for innovation, they have solidified their stature as the gold standard in eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composites (WPC).

NOVOWOOD® & ReMade in Italy®: The Perfect Eco-Consortium

Sustainability claims are rife, but true validation lies in certified recognition. NOVOWOOD® holds the distinct honor of being the sole WPC brand graced with the ReMade in Italy® certification. This not only pays homage to the brand’s genuine Italian craftsmanship but also speaks volumes of its green ethos — boasting an impressive 81.5% recycled material quotient, rightfully earning its place in the revered Class “A” cadre.

The ReMade in Italy® isn’t merely a badge; it’s an embodiment of dedication. The rigorous criteria mandate an Italian production stronghold. It delves deep into the production lineage, ensuring an unbroken chain of traceability for every material integrated. NOVOWOOD® doesn’t just stop there; they stride further, aligning seamlessly with the exacting CAM standards set by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, focusing squarely on Minimum Environmental Criteria.

Crafting Green Spaces: Decking, Cladding, and Patios à la NOVOWOOD®

The current wave of architectural preference leans heavily towards sustainable decking, cladding, and patio materials. The discerning clientele, spanning homeowners to prolific developers, leans towards materials that harmonise durability with aesthetics and ecological reverence. NOVOWOOD® emerges as the luminary in this context.

Decking with NOVOWOOD® is a blend of resilience and green ethos, presenting a formidable rival to traditional wood. Its cladding iterations resonate with modern design sensibilities, ensuring aesthetic brilliance without sidelining eco-consciousness. For patios that marry visual delight with ecological respect, NOVOWOOD® is a name that repeatedly echoes in the industry.

Accolades Galore: NOVOWOOD®’s Eco-Odyssey

NOVOWOOD®’s green trajectory hasn’t been a silent journey. 2020 saw them clinch a notable mention at the “Responsible Innovators Award”, presented by the Emilia Romagna Region. This commendation underscored NOVOWOOD®’s relentless pursuit of the 17 sustainable development edicts of Agenda 2030, realised through their avant-garde [REMAKE] project, fortifying their stature in the Circular Economy circuit.

The REMAKE Project: Sustainability Reimagined

With the REMAKE Project, NOVOWOOD® reaffirms its status not merely as a green brand but as a visionary eco-trendsetter. This pioneering initiative invites customers to embark on an eco-voyage, facilitating a complimentary recovery conduit for composite wood remnants post-installation. The brilliance doesn’t end there. Leveraging NOVOWOOD®’s proprietary formula, these salvaged fragments are reborn, reextruded into spanking new products. The eco-impact? A staggering dip in CO2 emissions and a gentle embrace of our planet’s finite natural treasures.

Visioning an Eco-Future with NOVOWOOD®

To encapsulate, when one envisions the future — a realm where decking, cladding, and patios epitomise sustainability, durability, and aesthetic allure, all trails lead to NOVOWOOD®. Beyond creating mere products, they are meticulously crafting a legacy — a verdant future sculpted for the epochs to unfold.


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